Wednesday, April 4, 2007

5th Birthday

Another year, another milestone. We are thrilled to have celebrated another birthday with Benjamin. Most importantly we were able to celebrate it with him at home. He did have a short hospital stay just before his birthday but he recovered in time to be home. Ben had a lot of excitement surrounding his big day...he got a ride in the DHART helicopter, received his honorary brown belt in karate, visited Stevie's classroom at school where they sang many birthday songs to him, saw lots of snow and had a party with some of his doctors, nurses and secretaries at Dartmouth. It was quite the celebration.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!
A Birthday ride in the helicopter!
PICU nurses and doctors. They LOVE you!
Mom made you your own cake.:)
Dashi and Sensei Carl present you with your "Honorary" Brown Belt.
Can you believe that it actually snowed on your birthday? Crazy!

Your second mom (Becky Billin) stayed with you a night while I was home with your siblings.