Friday, April 4, 2003

First Birthday

April 2003 was such a milestone for us. I just kept thinking that if we could make it to his first birthday that everything from there on out would be okay. Well, Steve and I planned this really big party with all our friends and family that have been so monumental in our lives and wouldn't you know that the night before his big day Ben catches RSV. I remember not having such a great feeling the night before because his oxygen levels were slowly dropping and by morning they were around 83%. I packed our bags and headed to the local ER where they then prepared to have us transported to Dartmouth by the DHART team. This was Ben's second go around with RSV and it was worse than the first time. We spent a total of 11 days in the PICU that time and it was eerily similar to exactly a year before when he was born. We spent the same exact days in the ICN there, the 5th through the 15th of April two years in a row.
Ben was only happy in my lap.
Ben's sats were so low they had to use a face mask and nasal cannula to get him the oxygen that he needed.
Ben got lots of neb treatments during his stay.
Poor baby was so sick.
This is mostly how he looked, he was really sick and uncomfortable. I never left his side.