Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hutchins' Family Reunion 2006

In July of 2006, all of the Hutchins' gathered together for a monstrous family reunion - one that hadn't been done since summer of 2001. We planned this event for two years and when all was said and done I think it went off almost perfectly. We rented a HUGE house in Vermont - over 6,000 feet of living space for all 50 of us. My parents (Becky's), 8 of their children, spouses and 32 grandchildren were present. We spent 7 days in this house and because it was so big we never seemed to feel crowded or bored. It was great. There was plenty enough to do - swimming, pool, ping-pong, tennis, basketball, tv, indoor golf theater, games, biking, walking, etc. It was so nice to just be together and enjoy one anothers company. Some of our favorite memories were the morning announcements, family skit night, fruit spaghetti made by Aunt Kelly, Grampy's daily scavenger hunt, Mimi's gift bag and the pool tournament that Roger Jr. almost won - Uncle Steve reigns as champion. Here are some of the pictures from the week.
Ben hanging with his newest Cousin Gabe "The Babe" Hutchins.

All of the cousins - minus 2 who were being stubborn that day.
Hannah, Moriah and Ben pose for a picture.
Cousin PINATA!
Gabe and Ben - two cool dudes.
Morning announcements by the "Blues Brothers".
The indoor pool that we swam everyday in.
Steve and Stevie showing some SKILLS!
I LOVE family reunions.
Things got a little messy here and there - Ben, Jenny and Abbey enjoying the chocolate fountain that MiMi brought!!!