Friday, October 15, 2004

2004 Surgery

October brought yet another surgery to Ben's history. (sigh....) Dr. Moen is Ben's orthopedic doctor and when we went for our annual visit in August, she decided that the time had come for Ben to have some release and lengthening done on his muscles because they had become so contracted. We actually tried botox first, but it never really worked for Ben. As you can see above, Ben's legs were placed in removable casts so that we could watch his skin carefully. (he has very sensitive skin) His feet were actually casted from his knees down. Ben spent a total of four days in the PICU where he recovered marginally. He had his usual post-operative respiratory issues but other than that he did fine. They had him weaned down from morphine for the pain to just tylenol. The doctor had us do a few trial hours of getting him out of bed and into his chair to make sure the pain wasn't too bad. He passed with flying colors.
Aunt Suzanne sent you a buddy to comfort you.
Ben in the PICU
Going HOME!!!:)