Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Gift From My Dad


When I woke I was crying and I lay awake trying  
To remember if I’d seen him again  
My dreams are so fleeting but the way my heart is beating     
I am sure that in my arms I held Ben  

I did see him.  I did hold him. 

In my dreams I can kiss him, when awake how I miss him  
And I hunger so I can feel that touch  
Just saying his sweet name ignites in my heart such a flame   
It consumes me that I love him so much  

I did see him.  I did hold him. 

Dreams, like a meeting place, are memories that I embrace
From moments that were once reality
I linger there with a desire that time will not expire
Because waking makes parting misery.   

I did see him.  I did hold him.

He is waiting in my dreams

Kenneth Hutchins


Junior said...


Smilin' sunshine said...

Wow! Your dad is great!

Jo Jo said...

Tears. Glad he's my Dad. Sweet poem.

Tara said...

I love it. xo

shirlgirl said...

Beautiful poem--says it all!

Jenny said...

love this.

kobey1 said...

Dad Hutchins, you are right on target. I love it.

haikutwinkle said...

Love your poetry ;)