Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time for bed...

Have you heard how COLD it is here in New Hampshire?
It's -10 degrees right now.
Because we are heating soley with our pellet stove,
the upstairs is a little to chilly for Benjamin.
Tonight Ben will be sleeping in front of the stove.
I want to make sure his body stays nice and warm.
He doesn't regulate his temparature very well.
Sometimes he needs a little help.
He's all tucked in for a long winters sleep.
Nighty, night Benjamin!


Erica said...

Ok...THIS is a good reason to complain about the cold! (*see adam's blog)...I hope you ALL keep warm! :)

April said...

Dear Ben,
Do you know what an angel you are? You have such a peaceful little face even though you experience many challenges in your sweet body. Do you know that you touch people in the deepest parts of their hearts? Do you know that I consider it an honor to know you? You are a miracle... you are absolutely perfect...and I love you!!
Sleep tight and toasty!

LL said...

sleep tight my little friend!!!

Jenny said...

Dream of tropical climates.

shirlgirl said...

You look nice and comfy Ben. I think with temperatures like this, I'd be inclined to use my furnace occasionally just to keep things running properly, especially if the heat isn't getting to the upstairs. Even a little heat up there is better than no heat in this frigid weather. This is just your auntie being very practical!

Jo Jo said...

This must mean your Mom is downstairs with you. She's very wse to be by the stove tonight.

cubsctann said...

Sweet heavenly dreams lil Ben! =^..^=