Friday, January 2, 2009


At the stroke of midnight, everyone at my Aunt Jenny's party ran around the house barefoot carrying an item that they would like to improve upon in the new year. Mom stayed inside with cousin David and I because it was TOO COLD outside for us. We made a deal that our resolution would be to stay healthy. She will also be working on her personal scripture study as well as trying to cut back on her sugar consumption. My New Year Resolution?
Staying out of the PICU in 2009!
Ringing in the NEW YEAR with cousin Mason.
Can you believe that WE stayed up until MIDNIGHT?
(my eyes are looking a little heavy)
Mom's always looking for an excuse to smooch my cheeks. :)

Happy New Year everyone!


shirlgirl said...

Glad you had fun at your Aunt Jenny's. You were the smart one to say in when they ran out in the snow at midnight. It was much too cold to do that, and they were very brave. I pray that you can stay out of the PICU in 2009. You've been doing great. Your Mom and family take such great care of you. Happy New Year, sweet Benji. Love from us--Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

shirlgirl said...

Boy, am I having trouble with my writings today--should have said, "you were the smart one to stay in"---- not "say" in. Oh well, guess the brain is working faster than the fingers on the keys. Should have read it before I published it.

d_mans_maa said...

Hi Becky, I saw your family in the newspaper and it stole my heart!! my name is Lisa Murphy from Northfield, NH. what a beautiful special little boy you have and such gorgeous blue eyes!!!! He reminds me of my son Damon, who suffered birth trauma leaving him with quad CP, cortical visual impairment, gj tube, microcephaly, etc. unfortunately he passed away in october, 2 weeks before his third birthday. he made my life complete! everyday with him was so much fun and such a blessing, even through the bad times. he was truely a blessing and changed my entire life for the better. i know you feel the same about Ben. he's so handsome! i love the picture of him having his teeth brushed. the little "ewwwww!" face. he's adorable! I am so happy for you and your family to finally have an accessible van. how exciting!! that will make life so much easier. well, i just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and tell you what a wonderful beautiful family you have! and congrats again on the van. ;) *LISA*

Jenny said...

Happy New Year Benny!

Jo Jo said...

Great resolution Benji! You were wise to stay inside. Arnt Jenny screamed loudly when her feet hit the snow.

April said...

You are so festive cute little Ben! No PICU for you this year!! You'll be so much happier at home with your sweet mom who loves to kiss your smoochable cheeks! WE LOVE YOU!

Janene Baadsgaard said...

What a great blessing for me to get to know Ben and his wonderful mother. I am officially adopting your whole family into my circle of love.
- from your new mother and grandma Baadsgaard.