Tuesday, July 14, 2009


That's what we are.
Three more days in the PICU.
Allergies to antibiotics will do that to you.
Ben's allergic to everything under then sun.
(including the sun)
He's here now for IV therapy.
(and I scream that with heavy sarcasm)


Jenny said...

bless you.

and may I tell you about your word verification today?


LL said...

BORED you must be....enough of the hospital.
I know he's happy you're there with him!

Lacey said...

I feel that sarcasm even through the computer. ;)

Malinda said...

Love that look Ben is giving. I wonder what he's thinking.... Other than "get me out of this hospital!"

Junior said...

oh ben I sure hope you get to go home quick. Junior and I are joining you in your hospital boredom.

April said...

Sweet Ben.... I'll ask Heavenly Father to tune him in to a Celestial movie to help pass the time...
Love you guys!

Joy said...

So sorry! Not fun. Here's to getting home soon.