Sunday, July 12, 2009


I told Ben that we had a "FAMILY REUNION" this weekend and I think he misunderstood exactly what I meant. I was talking about MY family. He thought I was talking about his PICU family. We've been here since early this morning. I left our "Hutchins" reunion at 9pm last night after Ben spiked a fever of 102 along with increased work of breathing, needing oxygen, lots and lots of "ocular gyric movements"...sometimes they think these are seizures. I took drove 2 hours home to our local ER (only because I needed clothes from home) where we stayed for 4 hours. Finally he was transferred to Dartmouth and we arrived at 5am this morning. It was a LONG 24 hours to be awake. Needless to say...Mom was TIRED. Ben is resting comfortably now. His x-ray from the outlying hospital showed a total whiteout in his left lung, so they diagnosed him with pneumonia. The x-ray here showed a 50% improvement, mostly white on the lower half...that means it's most likely a collapse that improved with some time. He is still needing 40% oxygen, he was started on two antibiotics, one of them being "vancomyocin". He had a reaction to this drug called "red man syndrome" where your face and torso become really, really red...almost looks like you've been sunburned.
(See bottom picture)

Thanks goodness this isn't considered an "allergic" reaction as he is allergic to SO many antibiotics. They will just give him some benadryl before the med. and run it slower. Because of his possible increase in seizure activity (his eye movements), Dr. Filiano doubled his phenobarb dose and had the nurses give him a loading dose as well. He is looking really tired tonight after getting all that phenobarb.

(Ben after getting "red man syndrome")

So far no vent, that's good news. We'll see how he does through the night and into tomorrow. Maybe we'll get lucky and make this a short reunion. Until can find me under the covers.


ellen said...

The things people do to escape porta-potties!

Junior said...

Ben feel better quick, keeping you in our prayers

April said...

Oh Ben, that is not the way to get a sun-kissed look..... although those red cheeks are so kissable.
We're praying for you and hope this is a short stay... Sending all our love!.....

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital so soon. *pleck* I am glad Ben has been able to avoid the vent so far. Good Luck. God Speed. Love you both.

Erica said...

Oh Ben! I guess Mom has to be more specific next time! ;)

Becky, it was so nice to see a friendly face when I was in for my surgery. If only for a short few seconds. I thought I saw Steve walk past my room but wasn't sure. I was on bed rest and OF COURSE the nurses wouldn't confirm if you were there. I wish I had had the strength to come see you. It was still comforting to know a good friend was a couple of doors down :)

Love ya!

LL said...

oh Ben! wanting to spend time with his other family.
This sounds like something my husband would do to get out of a family reunion ;-)
Hope you guys were able to enjoy your time with the real family before heading to your home away from home!
Hope he's feeling better...and I hope you're sleeping.

Malinda said...

Hang in there Ben! You are the toughest child I know.
I find it miraculous that he was able to hang on until you (Becky) were back to full functioning to get sick.
My thoughts and prayers are with you! Get some rest if you can Becky.
Love you!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry Ben!!!
I miss you!! <3

Jo Jo said...

Let's work on that communication. Must get closer to semi functioning ear when making plans. Get better Ben!