Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 I meant to post last Tuesday on Ben's anniversary but I was busy picking up our newest (almost) addition to our family who came and stayed for the week.  It was a great distraction from an otherwise sad reminder.
I thought a lot about that weekend 2 years ago...thinking about the last few days that I had with him.  One of the memories that sticks out most happened the Sunday before he passed away.  I was talking with my good friend Becky B. who was like Ben's second mother.  She ALWAYS took him for Memorial Weekend so that I could take my kids camping - it was tradition.  So...that year (the week before) we were talking about it at church.  It was then that I had a strong feeling that I should stay with Ben.  I didn't know why and I felt badly because when I told Becky B. that I wanted to keep him that weekend I could tell she was sad.  And at the same time I was feeling guilty because I know my children would be sad not to go camping.  But I followed the feeling that I had and I made plans to spend the weekend with my sister instead.  
How grateful I am for the tender mercy that Heavenly Father showed me by prompting me to stay with Ben.  I can't even imagine how I would have felt had I not been present.  
How grateful I am for those last few days.
It truly was a gift.


Jo Jo said...

Sigh. Perfect that you shared. (What are those cute colorful things around the elephant?)

April said...

What a beautiful place to visit... sending my love as you look forward to a new addition and also miss your sweet angel boy.

LL said...

I love this post...and that story. And I miss those blue eyes :-)
So sweet!

shirlgirl said...

Thank you for sharing. I remember the phone call from your Mom about Ben. I'm glad you were with Jenny and family. Love you.