Monday, October 13, 2008

Baclofen Trial

Today was Ben's 2nd "Baclofen Trial". He was put under sedation while they injected baclofen into his spine. This was to see if the medication would help with his contractures. This picture below makes me laugh because this is how he has been all morning. He is ZONKED!
(I think he was in denial of this procedure today)
This is Ben's "wookie". He takes his elephant everywhere.:)
I moved Ben onto the procedure table.
This is Ben getting his sedation.
Here is Ben after he was moved to the PICU downstairs. He'll stay here overnight for observation.
Remember the saga with the dislocated elbow? Dr. Moen - his orthopedic doctor - came by today and looked at Ben's elbow. Because she has now seen it in person, she feels this is an acute dislocation. Because of that Ben will be splinted in the morning because right now his IV (see above) is in his left hand and would be in the way of the splint. They will wait until it can come out before splinting his elbow. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow.
PS: The Baclofen trial failed. It did not loosen him up the way we were hoping. That means no pump for Ben.


Schenewarks said...

Okay, you are beautiful Ben, those eyes have me hooked...did you need some more chocolate syrup? Amy Jo

Cindi said...

Poor Guy! Does the dislocation hurt him? I dislocated my jaw once (well, a missed basketball did it) and it hurt like heck till they popped it back in. I am praying it does not hurt...

Becky said...

cindi - only when you dressing him or putting him in the car seat. we have to be really careful when moving that arm. just laying there it is fine.

Jenny said...

no pump?
what now, babe?