Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Emergency Room

Hello Ben...goodbye Ben.
(Steve just returned from Utah late last night and barely got to see Ben before we were off)

Here is the arm that is swollen. On the way here, Ben developed a blistery rash all over the trunk of his body and on the arm that is swollen. (see up by his armpit?)
The rash actually looks a lot redder in person than on camera. Here are some of the spots on his trunk.
An hour later he is still continuing to blister, this time where the diaper touches his legs. It's on both sides but I only took a picture of the one side.

At this point we have been here 90 minutes. We've seen the ER doc who is passing us off to a dermatologist for now. The rash is distracting them from figuring out what is going on with his arm. First they want to find out why he's reacting so suddenly to contact to his skin. I'll update as I find out things.


Jenny said...

BEN! Stop it.
I told you we'd pay more attention to you.
No more swelling, no more rashes. No more misbehavin' I'm telling you!
(come home soon my dear)

barryblog said...

I'll pray for all 3 of you!!

LL said...

poor little guy...I hope your hospital visit is short and Ben get's to go home and spend more time his dad.
thinking of you!

Papa Don said...

Ben, I'm so sorry that you have yet another thing to deal with. We'll add you to our prayers again (you too, Becky).

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

You are in our prayers....hopefully you wont have to be in the hospital for too long.

DainBramage1991 said...

You're in our prayers. I hope Ben feels better soon!

shirlgirl said...

Hi Becky--how's Ben? We've been waiting for an update but nothing appears on his blog or yours. Hope he is better. He's in our prayers. Love, Aunt Shirley