Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Make A Wish" Cruise

Our family had the privilege of spending an evening on the Mount Washington with other Make A Wish kids and their families. It was our chance to thank the donors who make it possible for special kids like me to experience once in a lifetime experiences. They do cool stuff, like invite Storm Troopers to sail along with us.
Mom and me checking out the water from down below. It was too cold for me up top.
My brother Kaleb and my mom.
My cute brother and lovely sister Kayla.

The afternoon was beautiful. We had such a great time. Thanks again Make A Wish!

You can read all about it from the local newspaper!



Jenny said...

Becky, you're such a beautiful mom. You made me cry. (The music doesn't help)

Schenewarks said...

Hey, get that scary bad guy away from my nephew! Where's Chewey when you need him? Aunt Amy Jo