Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dr. Filiano

This is Ben's Neurologist. His name is Dr. Filiano. He's world renowned. We LOVE him. He's been with Ben since the beginning. He is the "go to guy" when it comes to Ben's complicated issues and we are so grateful to him for that. He has a GREAT sense of humor. He makes us laugh...often. Dr. Filiano also attends in the PICU where Ben is often admitted. It's nice having his doctor there when we need him most. We stopped by to see him yesterday at DHMC. We were in the neighborhood and needed some help with some sleeping issues that Ben is having. He spent 45 minutes with us and numerous phone calls later we're hoping that Ben will be sleeping better.
Ben's making sure Dr. Filiano isn't giving him the "bunny ears"
While visiting with him yesterday he noticed how light Ben's hair looked. He couldn't stop looking at it through the appointment. Come to find out he thinks Ben is depleted in "something", possibly selenium. He snipped a sample and sent it off to the lab. Who would've thought???


Jenny said...

HE would've thought. That's why you're blessed to have him as Ben's doctor. Blessed. And that's Ben... keeping everyone on their toes! No bunny ears on his watch.

LL said...

HEY. that man has NO right snipping at my clients hair.
how dare he :)
I'm glad you're blessed with such talented Dr.s

Cathy said...

It's wonderful to know that the Dr. knows and remembers Ben, but noticing that his hair is lightening shows that he truly cares for Ben and wants what's best for him. What a great guy.