Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Monkey

I missed my monkey. We were apart for 6 days while I had surgery. Way too long. Good thing he was in excellent hands. I didn't worry about him. I just missed him terribly. Today I got him back. We sat and rocked for hours. My laundry didn't get folded, my floors didn't get swept, and dinner was late getting to the table. I didn't mind though because I got to sit and hold my Benjamin. Life was perfect for a couple of hours.



LL said...

sweet little monkey! glad you have your little snuggle partner back. And right in front of the fire, looks perfect to me!!!

Schenewarks said...

My chilly fingers want a warm buddy and fire.

Jenny said...

...so go away cobwebs, and dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

April said...

There's no better place to be than in a rocking chair with your lap filled with someone you love so much!
Thanks for the sweet comments you leave on my blog-- they warm my heart right up! :)

shirlgirl said...

Housework will always be there for us to do. When we have the chance to hug, kiss, and cuddle the little ones, we need to make lots of time for them. We know he was in good hands. Your friend B who takes care of him for you is an absolute angel. Love the picture next to the fire--warm places to be cuddled. I love a fireplace. When we go to NH in March, you'll always find me sitting on the couch next to the fireplace reading a book.