Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Surgery...

Today Ben and I are at Dartmouth. He's getting botox...to his bladder. Don't be jealous. His bladder will ALWAYS look younger than YOURS! :) He's in surgery right now, it seems to be taking longer than I anticipated. Ben won't be needing his foley cathetar after today. They'll give him one for overnight just because of swelling, but after that he'll just leak into his diaper. After the procedure he'll be admitted so that Dr. Filiano can try him on a new medicine to help with his sleeping. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that all goes well and that he will respond to the medicine in a positive way.


LL said...

BOTOX to the bladder, I could use some of that. Lucky guy :)

fingers and toes crossed!
let us know how he does.

Jenny said...

Depending on how his surgery goes, I'm signing up for that one myself. I'm vain about my bladder like that.
xoxo to Benny.