Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brushing Teeth

Stevie's my best helper when it comes to Ben.
I often walk in the room to find her
helping Ben with his hygiene.
Today she was helping him clean his teeth.
(atleast the ones that are left)
He doesn't use a regular toothbrush...
Just a mouth swab and some mouthwash.
(although today she shared her toothpaste)
I think the "crest with scope" was just a little strong for his taste.
Minty fresh mouth, just right for kissing!
Ben's lucky to have such a great sister take care of him. :)


shirlgirl said...

Good boy, Ben, for taking care of your teeth. So important, and glad your sister is such a big help to you. You are such a sweet boy. Lots of love from Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

Cindi said...

What a sweet and compassionate sister Stevie is...she is learning well from her mom and dad.

Jenny said...

Hey my little angle i love you, you are so cute

April said...

I loved these pictures- Your kids have such great compassion. Hmmmm I wonder where they learned that from......:)