Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ben's Barber Shop

(no before shots...sorry)
You know Ben's hair is getting LONG
when your friend calls to ask
if she can cut his hair.
YES! I tell her.
His sideburns were looking especially long.
(B's neighbor came over and cut it)
They put him in his bath chair,
and cut away...
It's a messy process.
(drool and hair do NOT mix)
Doesn't he look SO cute?
I can never get enough of his beautiful wrinkly head.

She took some shots from every angle.
She told me that she started shooting
(pictures...that is)
and she just couldn't stop.
I know exactly how she feels! :)


April said...

I don't know why that post made me tear up. I just wish I could hug him. He looks so heavenly and handsome!

Junior said...

looking good Ben, great haircut

Jo Jo said...

Okay the drool and hair not mixing made it impossible for me to tear up. He does look heavenly. He's looking for you, I think.

Jenny said...

He loves you so!

Emily B. said...

Ben, nice hair cut buddy! You look sharp.

shirlgirl said...

Love those corn rows, Benji. You are so handsome with your new haircut. Bet it feels great, too.