Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Eye Excitement

More video of Ben's crazy eye movements.
More seizure medication.
More visits to the neurologist.
More reasons to squeeze him.
More reasons to kiss him.
More reasons to LOVE HIM!

Here's some video WITHOUT his eye movements.
Cute, huh?


April said...

Oh I just love that boy. I'm so sorry his eyes are still being tricky... Hope you find some answers. Thinking of you...

Junior said...

Ben you are such a cute and sweet little guy.

Praying you can get the seizures worked out. Junior deals with some seizures that look much like those.

Jo Jo said...

Love you Benji - you're just needing some attention = yes, we love your eyes and eye lashes. Have we been neglectful? ;-)

TMI Tara said...

Oh, his eyes are just so big and beautiful in the 2nd video. They just pierced my soul in a way I can't describe, but I'm sure you understand. I hope they figure out what's going on soon - and make it stop! Hugs!

Emily B. said...

Hi Ben! Hunter really hates having seizures too. I hope you guys figure out a medicine combo that works quick. Loves to you and your mom.

Jenny said...

Yes, VERY cute.

Joy said...

Yes we love you too Benny boy!