Monday, September 28, 2009

PICU Day 7

These pictures are from ROUNDS the other day.
(before we moved to our bigger room)
It's the highlight of my day.
We get to talk about Ben and
make decisions about his care and treatment.
Today's BIG NEWS?
We are weaning Ben's Pressure Support.
(from 14 to 12)
That's a step in the right direction.
Hooray for progress! :)


Junior said...

Yeah Ben, thats a great step in the right direction.
Junior sends you a great big get well smile.

Emily B. said...

Good job Ben! So glad to hear this!

Cindi said...

Hooray is right!!! I check here at least twice daily for updates and encouraging news...still praying, as always. Love you guys.

April said...

Keep it up Ben! We are pulling for you!!

LL said...

Ben knows your birthday is coming :)

TMI Tara said...

It is comforting to know Ben is getting such wonderful care. I have he continues to make progress. I wish you were closer so I could at least bring you some snacks or something. {{hugs}}

Jo Jo said...

Love the team look. Can we get enough help here?