Friday, November 20, 2009

Date Day

Today I took Ben on a date...
to Dartmouth.
I love date days.
It's our time to spend together.
Today we saw the pulmonologist.
I told her that Ben is OFF the vent.
We had x-rays taken
to see his left side.
It looks good.
Not great, but good enough.
I told her that I'll vent Ben as needed.
That sort of fits our life style perfectly.
She was happy with that.
He also got his second H1N1 dose.
That was his least favorite part.

To make up for it,
I gave him LOTS of kisses...
and then we went for ice cream.
(I gave him the first lick!)


LL said...

Kisses and ice cream...I'd get a shot for that :)
Glad he's doing so well!

April said...

What a cut masked duo! Mom & Son dates are the best!

Zion And Missy said...

Cutie boy Ben. Aiden loves coming to his blog to check out his new adventure. Aiden blew a kiss to Ben to make him feel better!

Jo Jo said...

Glad to see the masks since you got sick in the hospital. Good vent news. You're a great nurse, and made it happen. Pat yourself on the back.

TMI Tara said...

What a great date you are.... no one ever gets the first lick of my ice cream cone!

Glad Ben is doing so well of the vent!

Junior said...

sounds like a great day and even getting ice cream, lucky boy.