Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here are some more pictures from the ER and Mass General part of our stay.  This first picture is after Ben received a dose of Vancomycin.  You can't really tell, but his face turned all red from getting it too fast.
Here is the phlebotomist getting blood on the first try.  It was a miracle.
Ben spiked another fever while waiting for transport to Boston.
The DHART crew picked us up and drove Ben to Boston.
Unloading him...
It was a COLD night...3am arrival.
Ben's IV from the ER blew on the way down, so this is the ONLY place they could find a vein.
Here are the four IO attempts en route to Boston.
Sick Ben
More fevers
Because IV's never last, a PICC line was put in the next morning.
It went in on the first try.
Ben's vent
A different angle of his PICU room.
(you can see my bed in the background)
Another angle of his room.
ER and Mass General stay January 25-28th.


Junior said...

Awww Ben sure hate to see you sick and in the hospital So very happy that you are back home again.
Big hugs

Lacey said...

Wow that is the wierdest vent I have ever seen! And those IO pokes look small, I always thought it was this big, messy, painful thing! I'm just glad your home!

The VW's said...

Poor sweet Ben! You had to go through a lot! So glad that you are home again and doing better! And, Thank God for IV's that are placed in one attempt! Love and Hugs!!!

Jo Jo said...

Your corner looks pretty cozy! First attempt successes are a rarity - and there were two! Wow.

April said...

I'm so glad you're both home! Thanks for sharing pictures of your hospital adventure--- but don't get any sneaky ideas about going back.... ;)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Poor bub, look at all those pokes. Thank heavens for blood on first draws! I am glad you are home, hope you are settling in. That part is always a bit hard.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

We met with Dr Dobyns last year. The convention was AWESOME. We are going for sure, we just went over our finances.

You have to try and go!!! I would love love LOVE to meet you and Ben!!

Trina and Jophie said...

So glad you guys landed back home. Thanks Becky....I wish I were close enough to do a photo shoot of Ben. I love doing special needs kiddos. It's a challenge and Jophie has always been my biggest challenge but, with patience you can really make those little ones shine.
Praying Ben can stay home and flow right into spring a healthy little guy! I sooooo NEED spring to be here.