Friday, October 16, 2009

PICU Day 23 and 24

Today Ben's home vent came.
I've spent some of the day training.
They are still giving him trach trials.
They want to see how he'll do off the vent.
(for short periods of time)
My plan at home is to take him places without it.
And when we're home, I'll put him back on.
Life will be less complicated that way.
And hopefully soon he'll be off it all together.

On a happier note,
Kaleb is visiting this weekend.
Brothers NEED to be together.


Jenny said...

most excellent.
bonding brothers.

LL said...

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta HUG!
Cute cute boys. Glad you have company.

April said...

Brothers are pretty special!
Happy weekend! Sending love!

TMI Tara said...

Sweet brothers! I just adore that picture and can feel how much they love each other. It's inspiring. =)

Cindi said...

No substitute for that brotherly love!!!

Lacey said...

Just glad your going home. Home is for healing. He'll do much better there.

Junior said...

Awww brotherly love, very special pics.

Jo Jo said...

Please don't tell Ben "I'd rather be" with Kaleb. It's been too long since I"ve seen him ;-)

The VW's said...

What great brother pictures! I bet his visit will help Ben to heal some more!

shirlgirl said...

Love the pictures of the loving brothers--very sweet. Glad you'll be going home. Life will be a little different for you, but you are amazing with what you do and everything will work out just right for you. Love coming to you.