Monday, March 30, 2009

Night Time

I find it interesting that Ben's heart rate is SO low.
At times I get nervous about it.
Most people do NOT run this low.
Usually it's the marathon runners
that are in really, really good shape.
I just tell them that Ben's running his own
That should qualify him, right?
Nighty Night my sweet Ben...sleep tight!


Erin said...

Becky, that is a darling picture of sweet Ben. I am so sorry this admission has gone on so long but I'm glad to hear you are feeling energized. If you can think of anything I can do please let me know, even though I'm many miles away now. Praying for you!

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

It is amazing how peaceful a child looks when they are sleeping....even with all of his tube surrounding him. He is so sweet.....and, i love the BYU hat next to him where ever he is!!!

Junior said...

Such a sweet picture of Ben sleeping.

Jo Jo said...

Ahhh, now you know he's sleeping well!

shirlgirl said...

Ah, rest has finally come to this sweet spirit. Hope you had a good night's sleep, Ben. Love you bunches. Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

Jenny said...

That's it! He's a marathon runner in his dreams! Sweet.

Lacey said...

When you said you were still here I thought you meant in Utah. I was like what? So you are still in the hospital but back home, whew, you scared me for a minute.