Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Because I was not home for St. Patrick's Day today, I borrowed this picture from last year. LOVE THIS PICTURE! Makes me smile everytime. Oh the things I make Benjamin endure. Yesterday Ben came off the vent for a period of time - and it seemed as if he might just stay off...until night that is. It's hard work to keep his little airways from collapsing. He needed a break. Because his x-ray looked worse this morning (due to coming off the vent to early) they left him on it all day today. Tomorrow they will try again. He's looking good, I think he's finally healed from his infection, just battling some airway issues. We're looking at Thursday for the final decision for the LIFE FLIGHT. I'm still hoping that it'll work out....Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! :)


Junior said...

Happy St. Patricks Day Benjamin.
Such a cute picture.
Sure hope you are able to get home soon. Keeping you in our prayers.
Heidi & Junior

shirlgirl said...

Love this picture even if it is from last year. Come on Benji, get well so you can come home to us soon. Everyone misses you and your Mom. We're praying for you. Lots of love from Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

April said...

What a LUCKY little boy to have such a wonderful mom! That pictures was priceless! LOVE YOU