Friday, March 20, 2009


I LOVE this piece of equipment.
It's made a huge difference for Ben.
In 24 hours, his chest x-ray is
SO much better.
He gets to vibrate in his vest
every 4 hours.
I tell him it's time to go
"off roading" again.
He seems to not mind it so much.
I think it does tucker him out though.
He often lets the vent breathe for him
after he's had a workout with his vest.

Still no word on his LIFE FLIGHT.
I spent all day working on an
"expedited appeal"
to hopefully change their minds.


Jenny said... roading. You're so silly!
Ben's so lucky. I never got to go off roading in bed before.

Junior said...

Yeah Ben, so glad the vest is helping. Junior loves his "shaking" machine.

Good luck with the life flight situation.
We are praying for Ben and your family.

shirlgirl said...

Glad the vest is working for you, Benji. We're praying that you and your Mom will be home soon. Everyone misses you.

April said...

I've never seen a cuter off-roader! What a great sport! You're in our hearts!

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

You know, I look at these pictures, I can't help but be amazed at what some spirits (like your little Ben) agreed to come and do here on earth so the rest of us can we can learn to appreciate our health, or so we can learn to love our children as he is truly loved by his, despite the time he needs from his we can learn some of lifes lessons, that we may not be able to or have the chance to learn without these sweet spirits around us. Thank you so much to continue to teach us and inspire us to live better, little are amazing!!!

Wiggles said...

You go Ben!! And enjoy the ride. We miss you and pray that you are better soon.