Sunday, October 17, 2010


 These pictures make me laugh.
Ben was SO not into this photo shoot.
Typical boy.
Look closely at his face.
In some he's paying attention to me,
others his looks are anything but stellar.
But that's what makes these pictures so real.
How I love real.
How I love my family.


April said...

Oh those pictures made me smile! Your kids have grown so much. Ben is absolutely precious....

Junior said...

Wonderful pictures, love all the faces from the kids. Bens expressions are priceless. Hugs

LL said...


The VW's said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing with us! And, why is it that boys despise photo sessions?! :) Love and Hugs!

shirlgirl said...

Wonderful pictures, and Stevie is the same character now as she was then with her "faces".

Emily B. said...

I love the one of everybody with the three oldest kids in the tree. So cute!!! Stevie is just a bigger version of herself-same exact face/smile.