Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mommy's Mummies

I know...funny, huh?
Not sure how this costume idea came about,
but it make me LAUGH all.the.time!
It's pretty obvious that they are mummies, right?
Well, I had some lady actually ask me if Ben was okay?
(I brought him in to watch the kid's Halloween parade)
She thought something was wrong with him.
I wanted to say, 
"It IS the Halloween parade today...
you DO realize Ben's in costume?"
But instead I just told her:
"He's a MUMMY!"
"Oh", she says. "I get it now!"
(my eyes were rolling and my head was shaking)
Some people.


The Kings said...

ha ha ha - hilarious that the woman was wondering what was wrong with Ben! LOVE the mummy costumes. Jalen did that a few years ago.

LL said...

Love these pictures.

Jo Jo said...

I remember that story, but forgot this picture was coming!

Jenny said...

How can you pick a favorite?
But this is it.

TMI Tara said...

I hate picking favorites, but this is mine. I esp love Stevie's face! lol!

Amanda said...

LOVE this... has to be my fav as well! LOVE IT!

Junior said...

great costumes, love the expressions.