Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today has been a tender day.  It's father's day and I have been up since 3am because I have been thinking about how we are celebrating our first father's day without Ben.  I am sad that we can't share this day with ALL of Steve's children.  We miss Ben.  I know Steve misses being able to tease Ben.  Every night as we were heading to bed, he would pick Ben up over his shoulder and tease him about his weight.  Then he would sometimes dance with him and make his whole body jiggle.  Sometimes he would teasingly scold him for keeping us up in the night.  Whatever interaction Steve had with his cute boy was always done out of love.  And I know Ben knew that.  


shirlgirl said...

A tender post on a special day. Love the pictures you have posted for Father's Day with Steve and Ben. Precious.

LL said...

Happy Fathers day to a very sweet dad.

The VW's said...

Love, Hugs and Prayers to you on this bitter-sweet day! Ben was certainly one loved little man! Thinking of you often!

Junior said...

Happy Fathers day.
Those are wonderful pictures.
Lots of hugs and love

April said...

Happy Father's day to one of the most wonderful Fathers in the world!
Thinking of you today...celebrating Father's day without little Ben. Wishing I could see the jiggle dance. xo!
Love you a WHOLE BUNCH!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Happy Father's Day Steve. I know that Ben is sending you love and strength.

The Greens said...

I found your site through the Make-a-Wish blog (I believe one of your friends has a "wish" son).

I have felt blessed to read through your blog and hear the story of your beautiful family. We too know the grief of losing a baby at 20 weeks (we have lost two) and of battling terminal illnesses (our 11-year-old daughter has heart disease and pulmonary hypertension.)

We too know the beauty of God's eternal plan and of forever families.

I pray for you as you and your family work through this new stage in your life, and pray that it will be filled with much joy.

I know you will hold Ben again. What a sacred time that will be!


Jo Jo said...

I cried all day thinking of Steve and you. Sad day.